We Specialize in Auto Repair

Welcome to Kaufman’s Auto Repair Inc. in Sarasota, FL
Your complete auto repair and maintenance shop.

A few more of our specialties
  • Brake Repair

  • Acting as the first line of defense between you and the road, properly maintained brakes are essential to a safe drive. Our ASE certified technicians perform a wide range of Brake Repairs, and we'll have your car braking like new!
  • Engine Repair

  • Is your engine making some strange sounds? Automotive engine systems can cause complicated and frustrating issues. We offer everything from basic maintenance to major Engine Repair and diagnostic services.
  • A/C Repair

  • No matter what your A/C system needs, you can have complete confidence in our experienced technicians to recommend the right Auto A/C Repair or service for the right price.
  • Auto Electrical Service

  • With each passing year, new vehicles include an ever-increasing number of electronic components. At Kaufman's Auto Repair, Inc. in Sarasota, we can perform just about any Auto Electrical Service.

Customer Reviews
Sandi B. from Bradenton, FL, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair, on 11/20/2015:
"They are honest and do their best to find and fix your problem. They give you "service with a smile"!!! They go the extra mile!! :-}"
5 star rating

Norma L. from Bradenton, FL, whose Mitsubishi was in for an auto repair service, on 9/21/2015:
"That I recommend Kaufman, very professional and takes pride in their work so they provide warranty of their work."
5 star rating

Lori C. from Bradenton, FL, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 9/20/2015:
"So grateful my neighbor recommended Kaufman's! The parts were hard to come by, but the mechanic did what he could and made my car drive-able, while he continued to look for parts! They will be there this next week, and I am pleasantly surprised that he continued to look and found what was needed-and said when they come in he will call-and the repair should not take too long-less than an hour!! Wow! What a TREASURE! I will recommend Kaufman's to others (although I'd like to just keep them to myself!). Great mechanic at a reasonable price=priceless!! Thank You so Much!!"
5 star rating

Scott B. from Sarasota, FL, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 9/18/2015:
"Roger and his team are great. It's a pleasure to trade with them when a vehicle needs help !!!"
5 star rating

Michael K. C. from Sarasota, FL, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 9/15/2015:
"Roger is a very understand person kind and honest i feel i would trust him with my kids if i had any them he also went out of his way to pick me up from my job as he was busy thank you for a great guy"
5 star rating

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  • BMW Repair
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  • Chrysler Repair
  • Cummins Repair
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