The IMPORTANCE of fluid exchanges and regular maintenance

Most people know that regular oil changes will make their car engine perform better and extend its life. But did you know that there are other fluids that require regular maintenance changes also?  The coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and rear axle fluids are all fluids that should be serviced to keep your vehicle properly maintained. The fluid color may not necessarily be an indication of whether the fluid is good or not. It is always better to change the fluid before it gets dark or discolored. We recommend fluid changes due by time as well as mileage. At Kaufman's Auto Repairs, we use BG products due to their protection and the warranty they provide if the service is done at their recommended mileage intervals. You can check it out at BG's lifetime protection plan here.  
The engine oil protection is a very good investment. If MOA is added with every oil change at BGs recommended interval, you will have protection if there is an internal lubricated parts failure, up to $4000.00.  This is for the life of the vehicle if started at 0-50,000 miles.  The protection plans are available after 50,000 miles. 
Preventative maintenance PAYS off in the long run by getting the maximum amount of life and miles out of your vehicle. 

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