5 Signs of a Faulty Alternator

The alternator is a part of the automobile electrical system that cannot be overlooked. It makes up the charging system by recharging the battery and makes useful electricity for powering the rest of your vehicle. When an alternator stops working or malfunctions, electricity will stop flowing to various parts throughout the car and your battery will not charge properly. Today, we will discuss the failing signs of an alternator.

Sign #1: Warning Light

Some vehicles have a dashboard warning indicator separate from the battery light. It is often shown as “GEN” or “ALT”. If any electrical warning light comes on, you should have your alternator checked out.

Sign #2: Unusual Sounds

One of the most common causes behind a faulty alternator is a broken belt. The belt on the alternator can become loose or damaged and cause engine knocking sounds. If you catch weird noises coming from under the hood, don’t rule out the alternator.

Sign #3: Malfunctioning Electronics

Since the alternator powers many electronic accessories in your car, including the radio, internal lights, and headlights, it can cause them to flicker or lose power sporadically when the alternator goes bad. This is a strong indication that your alternator is on its way out.

Sign #4: Stalling or Difficult Starts

In order to kick off combustion, your spark plugs need electricity, which won’t happen if your alternator dies. If your vehicle stalls, or has a challenging time starting, please have your alternator examined. 

Sign #5: Reoccuring Dead Battery

As a consequence of a failed alternator, your battery will eventually die. If it continues to die, you should have the alternator looked at soon.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is likely that your alternator may need repairs. For all your electrical system needs, please call or visit Kaufman’s Auto Repair soon.

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