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Monthly Archives: December 2021

5 Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

5 Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

When was the last time you checked your oil using the dipstick? If your answer is unrecallable (or never), then you most likely are overdue for an oil change. Engine oil is the number one item you need for a well-running engine. What entails a healthy engine? Here's are 5 reasons why you should never skip out on an oil change: It Lubricates Your Engine Many of your engine's parts, like pistons and valves, are constantly moving as you drive. To avoid the parts from bumping against each other, they need to be sufficiently lubricated. Oil provides this necessary barrier between the components. Over time, the intense heat under the hood can break the grease down, making it more difficult for each part to carry out its function. Keep Your Engine Cool Oil also plays a vital role in temperature regulation. The engine's moving parts create friction, which is why it gets so hot. Engine oil is the key to solving the problem by minimizing friction and preventing your engine from o ... read more

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