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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Every Spring Driver's Worst Nightmare - Pollen

Every Spring Driver's Worst Nightmare - Pollen

As much as we all love the springtime here in Florida, there is one drawback: pollen. Everything outside may turn yellow in color, and everyone we know seems to be sneezing. As a responsible driver, it's imperative not to neglect the effects of pollen on your car.    Why are air filters so important?  When referring to air quality and the effects of pollen on your car, it is impossible to ignore your car's air filters. Not is your vehicle's body protective against wind and rain, but it protects you from pollen and other air contaminants too. Over time, this filter will get dirty. As a result, your air quality and vehicle's performance and efficiency can suffer.   Now that the pollen-filled season is here, it would be wise to check on your vehicle's filters at this time and have them replaced as a preventative effort. Here are the two important air filters in your car: Cabin air filters – This filter protects and cleans the air that fl ... read more

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