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Monthly Archives: May 2021

What is an Oxygen Sensor?

What is an Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen sensors are electronic devices that monitor oxygen levels in a liquid or gas. These sensors are measuring the proportional amount of oxygen and sending an alert if the mix is off. Original oxygen sensors were made from ceramic coated in zirconia and platinum. Modern oxygen sensors are called planar sensors. Planar sensors were developed by NTK in 1990 for Honda Civics and Accords. Planar sensors are constructed by layering High-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) green tapes and have become the industry standard. Modern-day sensors are designed and developed to be more efficient than their predecessors. What an Oxygen Sensor Actually Does Oxygen sensors are found in all automobiles manufactured after 1980. Oxygen sensors are located in the emissions control system and they transmit data to the central computer. For top performance, it is essential that the oxygen sensor is functioning, well-calibrated, and sending correct data to the computer. The sensor keep ... read more

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