Attention all local restaurants:

We are giving you FREE oil change services for your delivery vehicles during the shut down. This is our small way of saying thank you and working together for our community during this crisis.

We are asking everyone to help us support and save our local businesses by ordering takeout.

Please call to schedule an appointment for the free oil change service so we can accommodate everyone.

Must be able to verify restaurant affiliation/employment.

(Free oil change service value of $35.00 - if Synthetic oil required, $35 discount will be applied to oil change service)

Monthly Archives: November 2018

Saving money beyond the gas pump

Statistics show there are numerous things you can do to save on money on fuel costs by just doing  some engine performance maintenance and driving tips.  Did you know a vehicle could use 30% more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed.    Keeping engines properly tuned improves gas mileage an average 4%. Fixing a serious problem with a sensor in the engine like the oxygen sensor can improve mileage 40%. Proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage 3.3%.  Use the cruise control when you can, this can save you up to 6% on the highway. Don't idle for more than a minute in traffic. You can consume 1/2 to 1 gallon of fuel idling for a hour. Lighten your load in the vehicle, don't carry extra weight around if you don't need to. (Golf clubs, weights, etc.) You can improve fuel mileage by 1-2 % by using the manufacture recommended oil weight. Drive steady, don't tailgate people. Start slowing down before you come up to an intersection ... read more

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