It's Time To Check Your Tires

Most people do not realize or think of a wheel alignment as a maintenance item.  A vehicle should have a wheel alignment done as preventive maintenance to help ensure tires do not wear out prematurely. 
We recommend a wheel alignment every 15,000 miles and every time the tires are replaced. 
Visible signs that your wheels are out of alignment: the steering wheel is off-center and/or tire wear. 
If your vehicle has rear independent suspension, there are usually adjustments to bring the rear of the vehicle back into factory specs.
We have a Hunter alignment machine and can perform a four wheel alignment on your vehicle. 
Also, the tire pressure should be checked once a month with a good quality air gauge when the tires are cold. 
You can refer to the sticker on the drivers door jam/opening area that states the manufacturers recommended air pressure for your vehicle. 
It is good to familiarize yourself with this information, as the manufacturer has set the guideline for the air pressure to ensure you get the maximum tire life from your tires. 
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