Road trip inspection, what you should do.

Check all the fluid levels and top off as needed. 
Check the drive belts for fraying and wear.
Check all coolant hoses, they should fell soft and not crunch when pinched. If they crunch that means they need replaced.
Check the battery terminal and battery condition. Its a good idea to have the charging system tested also. 
Check the tire pressure and tread depth.  Check tires for any signs of weather cracking in the sidewall or tread. The weather cracking could be dangerous. The tire could blow out due to a weak structure. 
Check the brake pad thickness.
Check the air and cabin filters.
Check all light operation, headlamps, turn signals, brake and hazard lights. 
Make sure you are not loading the vehicle with to much weight. There is a label in the drivers door opening either on the door or the pillar opening. It will have the maximum weight you can carry including passengers and luggage, 
If you cant do all of the things listed to should take your vehicle to a trusted repair shop to have it inspected.
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