Road Trip Tips For Traveling With Pets

A road trip is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your pet as well as save money on boarding expenses. Here are some tips for a happy safe journey with your pet.

Make Sure Your Dog Has ID

Your pet should wear a collar and tags at all times and have a microchip. Before you leave, make sure that linking information that you have on your computer is up to date. It is also a good idea to tattoo the inside of your pet's ear with an ID number.

Clip A GPS Tracker On Your Dog's Collar

It is one thing for your dog to get lost in your neighborhood, but quite another if he decides to wander off in a strange town. Aside from always keeping your pet on a leash (leashes can be broken!) make sure that your pet is wearing a GPS tracker on his collar. That way you can track his whereabouts with your cell phone.

Carry an Updated Picture of Your Dog

Be sure to carry a recent picture of your pup so that you can prove that he is yours, or use it to help find him if he goes missing.

Bring Food and Medication

It is best to bring your dog's favorite food and snacks on the road to help avoid digestive upsets. Try to stick to a feeding and medication delivery schedule that is similar as possible to your home routine.
Don't forget the treats, and remember to reward your pet for good behavior.

Bring Your Dog's Toys and Blankets

Be sure to bring along your dog's favorite toys and blankets to remind him of home. This is particularly helpful if your dog suffers from anxiety attacks.

Stop for Walks and Water Breaks

Make sure you have plenty of water on hand to feed your thirsty pup, and try to walk him during his regular walk times.

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