The Scoop on New Refrigerant, R1234YF

R1234YF is the new refrigerant that is the automotive industry accepted solution for a low (GWP) global warming potential refrigerant. The R1234YF refrigerant has a 99.7% lower (GWP) than R134A Freon.  This means that it will dissipate and not stay in the atmosphere as long as R134A does.  When refrigerants stay in the atmosphere for a long time it is a known fact that it damages the ozone layer.  In order to service vehicles with R1234YF system, service technicians must be certified. All refrigerants used in automobiles/trucks must be recovered into approved containers and not vented into the atmosphere.  In the United States all new cars are suppose to have the new refrigerant R1234YF by the model year 2021. Some US manufactures have had the new freon put into production as early as 2013.  There are many vehicles that are on the road now that have the R1234YF refrigerant now.  The R1234YF and R134A freon are not interchangeable. 
We have a new R1234YF recovery/charge machine to service your vehicles. 
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