Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel prices are higher than ever before, so you have to think of ways to conserve fuel and increase how efficiently you use it. The more efficient your fuel use, the more money you save There are many ways to get the most out of each gallon of fuel. The following tips will increase your car's fuel efficiency:

Inflate Your Tires
The tires significantly affect fuel usage and are hence one of the easiest ways to increase fuel economy. If your tires are improperly inflated, your vehicle will consume more fuel than necessary.

Therefore, to increase fuel efficiency, ensure your tires have the correct air pressure. Check for punctures so they can maintain their inflation.

Ensuring you rotate the tires and balance them will also help with fuel economy.

Travel Light
Many car owners have a lot more stuff in their trunk than they need. Unless it is winter, you require very little in the trunk. A lighter vehicle means less fuel usage than a heavier one.

Therefore, unpack the trunk and remove all non-essentials. Only the spare tire and tools are necessary. A light car also means less wear and tear on the vehicle components than a full trunk.

Turn Off The Engine
Unfortunately, most people like to keep the engine running while waiting for others. If you are not an ambulance driver, there is really no such urgency or reason to keep the engine running. Doing so, uses a lot more fuel than is necessary.

You should hence turn off the engine whenever appropriate. It only takes a second to start a modern car so it will not cost you anything. Unless you have to warm the car during winter, turn off the engine.

With inflation on the rise, fuel economy will help. Use the above tips to save fuel and money.

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