Used Car Sales Warning

It is a good rule to expect the best but be prepared for the worst. A few people are breaking the rules for there own benefit.  
Most people are honest and none of these things may happen to you.  You should be aware what can happen when you sell a used car to a private individual.  
The sale of a used car yourself to a private individual can be more profitable. It also provide an opportunity for people to use the sellers good name in a crime.  It is rare but it can happen to you.
When you purchase a vehicle from a private seller you should take the transferred title to your local DMV and register the vehicle in your name. If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer they handle all the paper work for you.  
Sometimes the person that just bought your vehicle will not properly register it.  Any parking tickets or driving violations will be under the previous owners name.  If a crime was committed in the vehicle you sold you will be the one the law enforcement will come looking for. 
Here isn’t how to make sure this does not happen to you. 
In most states a seller is required to sign the existing title along with the date, sale price and exact odometer when the vehicle was sold before it is handed over to the new owner.
The buyer would then register the vehicle with the DMV. 
Be sure to make a copy of both sides of the title.  Also make sure the odometer listed on the title matches the vehicle. 
It is also a good idea to complete a bill of sale.  Most state DMV websites have bill of sale forms you can download and print.  Have both parties sign it and then send a copy to the DMV.   If anything happens then you will have proof of the sale of your vehicle. 
So what’s happens if don’t do any of those things and the new owner never registers the vehicle ? 
You could be getting tickets in the mail and be responsible for the tickets.  If you had simply signed the title and turned it in to the DMV you wouldn’t not be held responsible. 
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