What Fluids Does My Car Have

All of the parts in your vehicle, or at least a vast number, need to be lubricated to work properly. But except for the oils that do that, what other fluids are there? Well, we will answer exactly that in this blog and make sure you are informed of what they do as well. Continue reading to find out more.

Transmission Oil

Your vehicle's transmission is probably the most complex mechanism. Its job is to switch between gear ratios depending on the driver's desired speed. This means that there are a lot of moving parts that have to be lubricated and cooled. Here comes the transmission oil, which is most commonly red and transparent, so if you see a red stain on your driveway, make sure to visit a mechanic.

Engine Oil

Probably the most well-known car-related thing is engine oil. As its name implies, it is inside the engine, and it keeps all of the parts lubricated while keeping them from overheating - assisting it in that is the coolant. The engine oil can be refilled through the oil cap under the hood and checked using the dipstick when the engine is cold.


The coolant circulates through the cooling system, ensuring the engine doesn't overheat. Usually, it is filtered water with a few additives like antifreeze (it keeps the water from freezing in the cold). It can be refiled (from the radiator cap) when the car is not running and hasn't been driven because if it's hot, it will spray everywhere from the pressure in the system.

Brake Fluid

One of the more unknown fluids is in the brake lines. The brake fluid is an oil that sits in one place in the brake lines. Its job is to move slightly when the brake pedal is compressed so the calipers can detect the change. Brake fluid can be refiled from the brake fluid reservoir. 

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