What to look for when searching for a used vehicle.

You should start by looking at the vehicle on a sunny day. Look at the paint color to make sure it matches,
especially where the body panels meet. Look at the fender to door color match, also the fender to the bumper color match.
Compare the front door gaps to fender to see if they have the same spacing or gap.  Also look at the overall gap on the fender
to front door for the same gap at the bottom versus the top of the door. These are all signs of possible body repair
done when the vehicle was in a accident. Make sure all the doors shut with the same force and sound the same.
Inspect the trunk operation and make sure the hood will open and close easily also. The hood and trunk lines and gaps should
also be checked for fit. You can ask for a Carfax; this will usually tell someone if the vehicle was in a accident or not....but not always. 
Check for any moisture in the headlamps and tail lamps. These components could need to be replaced soon after you
purchase it if there is any moisture inside them. Have someone help you check all the light functions, including the hazard
Road test the vehicle with all the windows up and the radio off. You will want to check transmission operation and for
any abnormal noises. Drive the vehicle at highway speeds, check for vibrations felt at 60-75 MPH. Apply the brakes at a
high rate of speed quickly, this will tell you if there are any brake pulsations.
Check a/c and heater operation. Check windshield wiper and washer operation. Check all the seat operations, including power operation.
Check all of the radio functions, make sure all the speakers are operating. You should check the tire tread depth with a penny. 
There are many pictures on the internet that can guide you if you don't know the penny test.   
If you would like a second opinion or a more thorough inspection we can perform that for you for a small fee.
It could help you from making a poor decision when buying a used vehicle. 
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