What Type of Tire Are Best for Florida Drivers?

Having the right set of tires on your automobile is crucial, especially if you live don't live in an area with harsh climates. You may need tires to combat the dry, hot, sunny weather and the wet, flooding seasons for those who live in Florida. Your safety is vital while you drive on the Sarasota roads, and our tire experts are always here to help you with your tire needs. 


A suitable set of tires for the typical Floridian should be rated for hot temperatures while offering terrific traction in wet weather conditions. The last thing you want to happen is a hydroplaning incident. 


Below are some of the typical recommendations for cars, SUVs, and trucks in Florida:

  • Passenger Tires - These tires are decent for those on a budget, but keep in mind they are not ideal for scorching climates.
  • Touring Tires - These tires have a lower profile and broader tread and are slightly more expensive than passenger tires.
  • Performance tires - These tires have excellent traction and are suitable for high-speed driving. They deliver outstanding handling and control and work in dry and wet conditions. They're perfect for higher-end cars or sports cars.
  • Terrain Tires - These tires have deep treads that allow vehicles to gain traction in dirt, mud, and rain. They're a popular choice for many truck and SUV owners in Florida. They work fantastic in heavy rain conditions. 
  • Summer Tires - Summer tires are hands down the best choice for Florida drivers because they can tackle hot and rainy weather. Its deep treads can funnel out water efficiently, making them hydroplane resistant. Their rubber is soft and sticky, which allows for optimal traction. 

Overall, summer tires are the best for the typical Florida driver. The team at Kaufman's Auto Repair would be glad to take the time to help you find suitable tires for your car and your personal driving needs. If you want an inquiry for a new set of tires, we welcome you to call or visit our Sarasota auto repair shop. 

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