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Your vehicle's tire DOT numbers and what it means

Your vehicle's tire DOT numbers and what it means

  The tire DOT number is not sexy, exciting or very cool for that matter. But it can be very useful if you understand what the numbers mean. All tire manufactures are required by our federal law to stamp the tires specs as well as the DOT numbers on the sidewall of each tire that is sold in the United States. This includes details about the tires characteristics, construction, various capacities (including load, speed, inflation pressure, etc.) as well as the DOT tire identification number.  According to current regulations the DOT tire identification MUST start with the letters DOT. The number is 10,11, or 12 digits long and can be a combination of letters, numbers or symbols.  The last four digits are always numbers and it is a date code. For instance the numbers 1320 means the tires were made in the13th week of 2020. The DOT number is used for a safety standard certification and is used also in the event of a safety recall. The DOT number is used to identify the ... read more

The IMPORTANCE of fluid exchanges and regular maintenance

Most people know that regular oil changes will make their car engine perform better and extend its life. But did you know that there are other fluids that require regular maintenance changes also?  The coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and rear axle fluids are all fluids that should be serviced to keep your vehicle properly maintained. The fluid color may not necessarily be an indication of whether the fluid is good or not. It is always better to change the fluid before it gets dark or discolored. We recommend fluid changes due by time as well as mileage. At Kaufman's Auto Repairs, we use BG products due to their protection and the warranty they provide if the service is done at their recommended mileage intervals. You can check it out at BG's lifetime protection plan here.   The engine oil protection is a very good investment. If MOA is added with every ... read more

Battery and charging systems

Your cars battery is the life blood of your vehicle's electrical system. It supplies the electrical power to the whole car. The alternator is the component that keeps your vehicle battery charged as the battery needs it. Today's newer vehicle's can even control the alternator charging output from the engine control module. They do this by monitoring the vehicle's system voltage and then keep the battery charged at the correct voltage by varying the charging rate of the alternator. Some common signs you may have a issue with your battery is when you go to start your car you hear the engine has a different sound or the engine turns over slowly. Another sign of a weak battery is a clicking sound when attempting to start and then the engine turns over.  If the battery light is on you should stop as soon as you can and get your vehicle electrical system inspected. This usually is a sign the alternator is not charging.  Some vehicle's don't have a battery w ... read more

What to do when your car OVERHEATS

You may have seen this happen in a movie but it may not have happened to you yet. You see steam coming from under the hood.  Or you may have seen the temperature gauge get into the red or near the red zone.  What should you do? Option 1: If you see steam coming up from around the hood you should pull over right away. The steam can burn you so you should wait until the steam stops before opening the hood. After you get the hood open look for any signs of broken hoses or anything that may have broken. Don't touch anything because you could easily get burned. Wait until the engine cools off, this could take 30 minutes to an hour. Once it cools off, take a rag and slowly open the radiator cap or expansion tank cap to check the coolant level. If it is low you should add coolant or water if no coolant is available. Then you can drive until you find some place to get your car repaired as long as it does not overheat. If it overheats again or you see steam coming from under th ... read more

Used Car Sales Warning

It is a good rule to expect the best but be prepared for the worst. A few people are breaking the rules for there own benefit.   Most people are honest and none of these things may happen to you.  You should be aware what can happen when you sell a used car to a private individual.   The sale of a used car yourself to a private individual can be more profitable. It also provide an opportunity for people to use the sellers good name in a crime.  It is rare but it can happen to you. When you purchase a vehicle from a private seller you should take the transferred title to your local DMV and register the vehicle in your name. If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer they handle all the paper work for you.   Sometimes the person that just bought your vehicle will not properly register it.  Any parking tickets or driving violations will be under the previous owners name.  If a crime was committed in the vehicle yo ... read more

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