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What to do when your car OVERHEATS

You may have seen this happen in a movie but it may not have happened to you yet. You see steam coming from under the hood.  Or you may have seen the temperature gauge get into the red or near the red zone.  What should you do? Option 1: If you see steam coming up from around the hood you should pull over right away. The steam can burn you so you should wait until the steam stops before opening the hood. After you get the hood open look for any signs of broken hoses or anything that may have broken. Don't touch anything because you could easily get burned. Wait until the engine cools off, this could take 30 minutes to an hour. Once it cools off, take a rag and slowly open the radiator cap or expansion tank cap to check the coolant level. If it is low you should add coolant or water if no coolant is available. Then you can drive until you find some place to get your car repaired as long as it does not overheat. If it overheats again or you see steam coming from under th ... read more

Used Car Sales Warning

It is a good rule to expect the best but be prepared for the worst. A few people are breaking the rules for there own benefit.   Most people are honest and none of these things may happen to you.  You should be aware what can happen when you sell a used car to a private individual.   The sale of a used car yourself to a private individual can be more profitable. It also provide an opportunity for people to use the sellers good name in a crime.  It is rare but it can happen to you. When you purchase a vehicle from a private seller you should take the transferred title to your local DMV and register the vehicle in your name. If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer they handle all the paper work for you.   Sometimes the person that just bought your vehicle will not properly register it.  Any parking tickets or driving violations will be under the previous owners name.  If a crime was committed in the vehicle yo ... read more

Road trip inspection, what you should do.

Check all the fluid levels and top off as needed.  Check the drive belts for fraying and wear. Check all coolant hoses, they should fell soft and not crunch when pinched. If they crunch that means they need replaced. Check the battery terminal and battery condition. Its a good idea to have the charging system tested also.  Check the tire pressure and tread depth.  Check tires for any signs of weather cracking in the sidewall or tread. The weather cracking could be dangerous. The tire could blow out due to a weak structure.  Check the brake pad thickness. Check the air and cabin filters. Check all light operation, headlamps, turn signals, brake and hazard lights.  Make sure you are not loading the vehicle with to much weight. There is a label in the drivers door opening either on the door or the pillar opening. It will have the maximum weight you can carry including passengers and luggage,    If you cant do all of the things listed to should ... read more

What to look for when searching for a used vehicle.

You should start by looking at the vehicle on a sunny day. Look at the paint color to make sure it matches, especially where the body panels meet. Look at the fender to door color match, also the fender to the bumper color match. Compare the front door gaps to fender to see if they have the same spacing or gap.  Also look at the overall gap on the fender to front door for the same gap at the bottom versus the top of the door. These are all signs of possible body repair done when the vehicle was in a accident. Make sure all the doors shut with the same force and sound the same. Inspect the trunk operation and make sure the hood will open and close easily also. The hood and trunk lines and gaps should also be checked for fit. You can ask for a Carfax; this will usually tell someone if the vehicle was in a accident or not....but not always.  Check for any moisture in the headlamps and tail lamps. These components could need to be replaced soon aft ... read more

Helps Us Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer!

Helps Us Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer!

Brakes for Breasts, along with the Cleveland Clinic, is a great cause to partner with as they are trying to find a vaccine to prevent breast cancer. Maybe you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, maybe you are the one fighting, or the one helping a loved one fight.  This is the second year our shop has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Vincent Tuohy.   In the spring of 2017, Dr. Tuohy's research program was awarded funding to launch a greatly anticipated clinical trial to begin testing the vaccine.  Brakes for Breasts is an organization that unites Independent Auto Repair Shops for a common cause, to find a preventive cure for breast cancer.  The customer gets free brake pads, up to a $79.99 value.  We donate 10% of the labor and any other parts needed to Brakes for Breasts/Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund.  In 2018, We gave away 36 sets of brake pads and raised ... read more

Napa Autocare

Napa Autocare

                                                                     We are proud to be associated with Napa and what they stand for. The Napa brand symbolizes customer trust and quality.  Napa has been around since 1925.  They have over 14,000 independent repair shops that are affiliated with them. When a repair is done at a Napa Autocare you can been assured that the repairs done at that facility has a nationwide warranty. Most repairs are covered for 2 years/24,000 miles. If you have a problem within 25 miles from a Napa Autocare you simply go back to them.  If you are further away simply call the Napa warranty administrator at 1-800-452-6272 and you will find one close to where you are.  Napa offers training for service technicians as well and we send our technicians to the classes ... read more

The Scoop on New Refrigerant, R1234YF

R1234YF is the new refrigerant that is the automotive industry accepted solution for a low (GWP) global warming potential refrigerant. The R1234YF refrigerant has a 99.7% lower (GWP) than R134A Freon.  This means that it will dissipate and not stay in the atmosphere as long as R134A does.  When refrigerants stay in the atmosphere for a long time it is a known fact that it damages the ozone layer.  In order to service vehicles with R1234YF system, service technicians must be certified. All refrigerants used in automobiles/trucks must be recovered into approved containers and not vented into the atmosphere.  In the United States all new cars are suppose to have the new refrigerant R1234YF by the model year 2021. Some US manufactures have had the new freon put into production as early as 2013.  There are many vehicles that are on the road now that have the R1234YF refrigerant now.  The R1234YF and R134A freon are not interchangeable.  We have a new R ... read more

It's Time To Check Your Tires

Most people do not realize or think of a wheel alignment as a maintenance item.  A vehicle should have a wheel alignment done as preventive maintenance to help ensure tires do not wear out prematurely.  We recommend a wheel alignment every 15,000 miles and every time the tires are replaced.  Visible signs that your wheels are out of alignment: the steering wheel is off-center and/or tire wear.  If your vehicle has rear independent suspension, there are usually adjustments to bring the rear of the vehicle back into factory specs. We have a Hunter alignment machine and can perform a four wheel alignment on your vehicle.  Also, the tire pressure should be checked once a month with a good quality air gauge when the tires are cold.  You can refer to the sticker on the drivers door jam/opening area that states the manufacturers recommended air pressure for your vehicle.  It is good to familiarize yourself with this information, as the manufacturer ha ... read more

Saving money beyond the gas pump

Statistics show there are numerous things you can do to save on money on fuel costs by just doing  some engine performance maintenance and driving tips.  Did you know a vehicle could use 30% more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed.    Keeping engines properly tuned improves gas mileage an average 4%. Fixing a serious problem with a sensor in the engine like the oxygen sensor can improve mileage 40%. Proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage 3.3%.  Use the cruise control when you can, this can save you up to 6% on the highway. Don't idle for more than a minute in traffic. You can consume 1/2 to 1 gallon of fuel idling for a hour. Lighten your load in the vehicle, don't carry extra weight around if you don't need to. (Golf clubs, weights, etc.) You can improve fuel mileage by 1-2 % by using the manufacture recommended oil weight. Drive steady, don't tailgate people. Start slowing down before you come up to an intersection ... read more

Car Care Month

October is National Auto Care Awareness Month. We are offering a FREE vehicle inspection with any repair or service performed. Here are some of the things that should be checked monthly: Tire condition and air pressure, light operation, fluid levels, wiper operation and condition. We can inspect a vehicle for you and advise on any possible repairs or needed services you would need.   

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